District Wireless Settings

Faculty Laptops

The main wireless connection for faculty laptops will be the SRSD network.  This network allows you access to all network features such as printing etc.  In order to activate this wireless setting on your laptops you must log on to your laptop while connected to a LAN (Local Area Network) cable in your buildings.

- Connect laptop to your docking station

- Log on to your laptop.

- After the laptop fully connects, Restart.  When you next log in, all wireless settings will be in place.

You are done.

Directions for accessing the SRSD-Guest network (all other devices):

The SRSD-Guest network is a general purpose network, similar to one in an airport or hotel.  Access will be limited to internet only with restrictive web filtering and bandwidth limitations.  Access to this network is managed with a Captive Web Portal (CWP) that will ask you to accept these terms of use.

-  Open the Wireless Settings area of your device.

-  Click on SRSD-Guest.

-  When the CWP prompt opens, click “Accept”

*  Some devices will require that you open a web browser in order to activate the CWP.  Click “Accept.”

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